Request a Private Star Gaze

Due to cold, windy weather and snowy/icy road conditions on the top of Grassland Mtn. (4,130 feet), there will be no private star gaze bookings during the months of December, January, and February.

If both the observatory staff and the facility are available and the weather cooperates, the club will accommodate private star gaze requests at its dark-sky observatory in Madison County – Grassland Mountain Observatory.

Come up to Grassland Mountain (4,130 feet elevation, and a 50-minute ride
from downtown Asheville), watch a beautiful sunset, the Earth’s shadow and
the Belt of Venus; and then observe some meteors, the planets, the stars, star clusters, nebulae, the Milky Way and other galaxies, along with a guided tour of the constellations and the night sky.

Grassland Mountain Observatory in Madison County

For these private star gazes, there is a minimum charge of $400, which covers
up to 2 hours at the telescopes. After the first two hours, the fee is $100 per hour, with a maximum event time of 4 hours.
The group size for these private events is very restricted, and all attendees are encouraged to be fully-vaccinated for COVID.
All participants must sign a liability waiver form prior to the event.  Proceeds from these private star gazes will support the Astronomy Club of Asheville – a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, educational organization.
In the event of inclement weather, high winds, or clouds, all fees will be refunded.

To make an inquiry for a private star gaze with an experienced astronomer, please call 828-231-6714, and leave a message with your contact information.

Earth’s shadow and the Belt of Venus over the Black Mountains, looking east from Grassland Mountain Observatory shortly after sunset on Feb. 14, 2020
 (Image credit: club member, Debbie Wertheim)