Next Meeting Presentation

6 August 2020 – Club Meeting Presentation
– Thursday night, 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. –

Some good news! Although we will not physically gather for this meeting , our free speaker presentation will be offered virtually using the online WebEx video-conferencing platform. We will post a link here soon with instructions on how to attend this virtual meeting presentation.

An Astronomy Guest Speaker Series Event – a collaboration of the Astronomy Club of Asheville and UNC-Asheville

Astronomy in Chile – presented by
Jack Howard, NASA Solar System Ambassador

Some of the world’s most advanced observatories are high in the Andes of Chile. By 2022, about 70% of the world’s astronomy infrastructure will be there. Based on his trip to Chile in 2018 and developments since then, Jack will discuss why Chile is a prime location for advanced research in astronomy, what is happening there now, the growing field of Astro-tourism in Chile, the current situation in traveling to Chile, and the upcoming solar eclipse that will cross Chile and Argentina in December this year.