Next Meeting Presentation

3 Dec. 2020 – Club Meeting Presentation
— Thursday night, 7:00-8:30 p.m.

This free speaker presentation will be offered virtually using the online Webex video-conferencing platform. Follow this link for instructions on how to join this virtual meeting presentation.

An Astronomy Guest Speaker Series Event – a collaboration of the Astronomy Club of Asheville and UNC-Asheville

Solar eruption observed by STEREO-B/SECCHI Telescopes

Observing the Sun: 360-degrees and Up-Close
– presented by
Therese Kucera, PhD,
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

We take the Sun for granted, but this dynamic, variable star exhibits a range of active phenomena, from sunspots to flares to coronal mass ejections, and Earth is embedded in its outer atmosphere. Dr. Kucera will give an overview of the Sun and solar wind, with a focus on how we observe them from various vantage points in the Solar System.