Club Loaner Telescopes

Orion XT8Orion SkyQuest 8-inch Dobsonian Reflector (f/5.9; 1200mm FL)
This telescope comes with a 9×50 right-angle, correct-image finder.






Explore Scisntific ED102Explore Scientific ED102 (4-inch) Air-Spaced Triplet Apochromatic Refractor (f/7.0; 714mm FL)





Orion StarblastOrion 4.5-inch StarBlast Reflector Telescope (f/4.0; 450mm FL)






SunspotterSunspotter Solar Telescope – This 62mm f/11 folded-path refractor (700mm FL) with a fixed magnification of 56x projects an image of the Sun for safe observing of sunspots and eclipses.