For Sale

The Astronomy Club of Asheville brings many events throughout the year to the public for free. There are guest speakers, community stargazes, and outreach events at local schools and community groups. Proceeds from the sale of these items will help us to continue to bring the wonders of the night sky to the Asheville community.

All items for sale were donated to the club. If you would like to donate an astronomy related item(s) or obtain more information about our items for sale, contact our club’s Vice President, Paul Henze: Phone (443) 613-1855

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Howie Glatter Blug
Two-inch Newtonian telescope collimator ($30)

This is a Howie Glatter “Blug.” Blug is short for “Barlowed collimation plug.” It’s used to help collimate a Newtonian telescope that has a 2” focuser. They are now made by Starlight instruments after Howie passed away a couple of years ago.

Tripod and mount
Tripod and Alt-Az mount ($100)

Small tripod and Alt-Az mount from Williams Optics, made in Switzerland. Good setup for a small refractor telescope.

Finder scope for sale
Finder scope ($20)

Unbranded finder scope is mounted on an ADM dovetail and has adjustable rings. It has a cross hair eyepiece and 50mm objective lens.

Mini Borg guide scope
Mini Borg Guide Scope ($125)
Guide scope is 50mm Achromat f/5 with a helical focuser. For its size, it will produce a very sharp image. Scope will need an eyepiece, for example, the illuminated cross hair eye piece we have for sale in a different listing.

Eyepieces for sale
Nice selection of eyepieces for sale!
1 – TeleVue 40mm Plossl 1.25” ($50) SOLD

2 – Burgess / TMB 2.5mm Plossl 1.25” ($40)

3 – SvBONY 12mm illuminated radical cross hair eyepiece 1.25” ($50)

4 – Orion collimating eyepiece #3640 ($25)

Lumicon filter set
Lumicon filter set ($100)

1 – Lumicon O lll filter 2”
2 – Lumicon UHC filter 2”

Lumicon filter set 2
Lumicon filter set 2 ($100)

1 – Lumicon O lll 2”

2 – Lumicon Hydrogen Beta filter 1.25” Good for the Horsehead nebula.

Filter set 3 for sale
Filter Set 3 ($40)

1 – Orion Skyglow Ultra Block filter 1.25”

2 – GSO Filter #8 1.25”

Orion SkyGlow Filters
Orion SkyGlow Filter Set

1) Orion SkyGlow filter for rear cell of SCT, 2” ($50)

2) Orion SkyGlow UltraBlock filter for rear cell of SCT, 2” ($50)

Telescope adaptors
Set of astrophotography adapters for a SCT telescope ($200)

1 – Fastar f/1.95 corrector for 8” SCT

2 – Star Trax extender tube with t-adapter threads

3 – ScopeTronix adjustable extender with t-adapter threads.

4 – Eyepiece projection adapter with t-adapter threads.

5 – 1.25” x 2” adapter with adjustable thumb screws.

6 – Canon t-adapters, set of three.

7 – Rear cell adapter, .5”

8 – Rear cell adapter, 2”

D plates for sale
Pair of D-plates for sale

1 – D-plate, 17.5” x 4” ($20)

2 – D-plate, 17” x 1.5” ($15) SOLD

We greatly appreciate your support which helps us continue to share the wonders of astronomy in the Asheville, NC region.