Grassland Mountain Observatory

Grassland Mountain Observatory

– a private observatory, located in Madison County, NC, that is owned and operated by the Astronomy Club of Asheville


Elevation: 4,130 feet

Latitude: 35 deg., 45.26 minutes North

Longitude: 82 deg., 48.24 minutes West

Equipment: The primary instrument is a Meade LX200R 16-inch f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope, utilizing a computer-controlled Paramount ME mount on a permanent pier.  Riding “piggyback” on the primary telescope is a
Stellarvue SVX152T (6-inch) f/8 Premier APO Triplet Refractor.

Facility: (constructed in 2009) The observing space measures approx. 20′ x 16′, with a motorized, roll-off-roof and an attached warm room. Restroom access is available via the adjacent Preserve at Little Pine Lodge.


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