September 14, 2021: COVID-19 Update: Pandemic health precautions have caused the cancellation of all club meetings, public star gazes, outreach events, and other gatherings through October 31, 2021, and possibly longer. Private star gazes for very small groups are available. When possible, we will post virtual, online links to our monthly speaker presentations.

7 October 2021 – Club Meeting Presentation
— Thursday night, 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. —

This free speaker presentation will be offered virtually using the online Webex video-conferencing platform. Follow this link for instructions on how to join this virtual meeting presentation.

What is the Universe?
– presented by
Bob Berman
, Astronomy writer, editor, and popularizer

Quantum revelations and astounding discoveries since 1998 have led us to completely new understandings of the cosmos that have curiously not yet reached general awareness. This lecture explores the strange nature of “empty space,” the non-reality of time, the curious inter-relationship between the observer and nature, and what it really means if the universe is infinite. Read more…

9-10 October 2021
The Hunter’s Moon Glides by Venus
at Dusk

Illustration courtesy of
Sky & Telescope

14-15 October 2021
The Hunter’s Moon Joins Saturn and Jupiter

Illustration courtesy of
Sky & Telescope

15 Oct. 2021
Conjunction of Venus with the Bright Star Antares